Universal Engine Features

The power that the universal motor normally uses is approximately 3 / 4hp. This power value can be increased by making changes in engine design. The full-load universal motor reaches more than 10,000 RPM, offering no danger of the engine starting because it will always be connected directly to the load.

The universal electric motor has different operating characteristics regarding speed, voltage frequency, power and application.


Like all series motors, ru270w hubbell wiring the universal motor is subjected to an excessively high vacuum speed. To prevent this speed from being achieved, a set of gears is mounted inside the housings which will produce a sturdy torque, which will oppose the rotation. This torque will prevent high idle speed and high engine torque at low speed. We control the speed by installing an electronic circuit in series with the motor winding and use a key to reverse the direction of rotation.

The universal motor is designed to operate with voltage values ​​ranging from 250 v to 1.5 V. The values ​​of these corresponding frequencies range from 60 Hz to the zero frequency, which frequency corresponds to a direct current.