This restaurant offers delicious Italian cuisine. Invite family and friends to meet.

Buttina Italian Restaurant


Artisanal pasta, with refined sauces, are the hit of the house. Modeled one by one, at your
fingertips, the orechietti with sausage sauce has certain data to appear: Tuesdays,
Wednesdays and Thursdays. Gnocchi, previously served from Friday to Sunday, is now made
daily. The cook and owner, Filomena Chiarella, shapes the acorns with potatoes, cassava, black
olives, herbs or semolina, accompanied with a sauce of the customer’s choice (tomato,
bolognese or arrabiata, for example). Among the meat dishes is the pork tenderloin
accompanied by endive pie and fennel salad with orange. R. João Moura, 976, Pinheiros,
subway Clinicas, tels. 3083-5991 and 3088-6840, Since 1996. Tue. Thurs. 12h /
14h30 and 20h / 23h30; sex. 12h / 14h30 and 20h / 0h30; Sat. 1:00 pm / 0:30 am; Sun. 1 pm /
5 pm. Credit: A / D / M / V. Debit: M / R / V. Entries: R $ 18 to R $ 33. Main courses: R $ 30 to R
$ 59. Desserts: R $ 15 to R $ 18. Buffet : R $ 33 (tue. To sex.). m (R $ 10 for lunch; R $ 15 for
dinner and Saturdays and Sundays).