Make it easy for your customers and your team

Work with a smaller number of dishes, which you can guarantee will be perfect every
time. In addition, create an organized and clear menu. Here are some tips to avoid making
mistakes at this point: Choose dishes that match the restaurant’s proposal and that
your team dominates. A very wide variety on the menu will always cause problems :
your team will have difficulty mastering recipes, customers will have difficulty choosing and
you will have difficulty handling inventory. If an item is not available , inform your
customer as soon as you deliver the menu. Create a clean, organized and clear menu
design. Train your team to answer questions and make suggestions to undecided
customers. Your team is your most important resource . They are the ones who will
interact with customers, which makes them extremely important to the image of your
restaurant. Valuing your team is the first step so that they are always motivated and
working with a smile on their face.
Valuing is not just about offering bonuses and bonuses in cash, although this is a widely
used technique.